Bootstrapping a refresh with Jekyll.

Some of the content will be the same as on the old site (not that you remember it/visited it).

I’m a programmer!

At least by trade. I’ve been known to dabble, with enthusiasm, on things I like. Design mostly. I eat pixels when am bored and install pre-made themes (like this one) when I couldn't be bothered don’t have the time. Or I mess with interior spaces (my room can never, no matter how much I insist that it has, finish moving about).

What kind of programmer, you ask?

Well, programmers don’t really have a “kind”, per se. They are usually crazy, rational people with a bit of OCD about them. I prefer “perfectionist”.

What about languages?

Languages are really just tools for us programmers; tools of the most important kind. Many languages don’t make a great programmer, but being awesome at one does help. I’m more multi-lingual than I’d like, but I really like programming!

  1. English.
  2. C/C++ – Can’t get by without knowing these. I prefer the more OO C++.
  3. Go – A newer language that has concurrency built-in.
  4. Python – Really cool and flexible language.
  5. Javascript – The language of the web. Can’t get anything done without it.
  6. Objective-C – Not much of this, but find it interesting, not to mention the benefits of knowing how to create apps for iOS that can easily earn some money!
  7. Java – Yeah, I know what I said about Java before, but since I’m using it at work, and now that I have an Android phone, might re-consider it, especially to create apps for Android.

There are other languages that I didn’t mention…

  • Hindi (native tongue), French, German, Italian, Spanish…
  • HTML-CSS – Not included in the main list, but come on, who doesn’t know at least the very basics here?! Kind of staple for a web-app dev. like myself (didn’t mention that before? Hmm…)

Go to my user page on GitHub to check out the projects that I’ve worked on. If you’d like to help with them or use them in your own project, drop me an email or a message on GH.

If you like what I do, I am available for occasional, part time work. Or, if I like the project you’re working on, I’ll try to contribute to it!